Aug 28, 2008

Affiliate Marketing Programs reviews

"What it Means To Be An Affiliate Marketer"

An Affiliate Marketer is someone who uses the power of the Internet to drive visitors to company websites. When these visitors make a purchase, the owners of the sites pay the Affiliate for generating the sale. Affiliate Marketers are the people who drive the Internet Marketing industry. Making money online wouldn't be as easy if there wasn't such thing as an Affiliate Program where people can sign up and start selling products online in minutes.

If you sell products online, unless you own your own product, you are an Affiliate Marketer. So where can you learn how to become a successful Affiliate Marketer? We've hand chosen a few of the most popular places to learn how to make money online and reviewed them below. Affiliate Marketing is a Billion Dollar industry and if you want to get involved in selling products online, we highly recommend the following products and services.

Top Resources to Help You Learn Affiliate Marketing


Skill Level Beginner - Advanced
Main Focus Anything Internet Marketing Related
Support 10/10
Price $29.99 / Month
Overall Value 10/10

Learn More About Wealthy Affiliate Here

Have you ever been looking around the Internet and wished that there was a course similar to what you take at school, but for making money online? Well, now there is in the form of Wealthy Affiliate University. This is an absolute necessity to anyone interested in making money online, looking to expand their earnings online, or looking to gain more exposure for their product/service.

Wealthy Affiliate is every thing you need to succeed online. Think of it as your tuition to success, with the top “make money education”. You have access to a vast amount of resources (tutorials, guides) and tools (Clickbank, Keyword, Campaign Management) within the Wealthy Affiliate membership area.


Skill Level Beginner - Advanced (All Levels)
Main Focus Filling in The "Blanks"
Support 10/10
Price $97.00
Overall Value 10/10

Learn More About "Who Loves Money" Here

So What is "Who Loves Money" anyway? It's not an ebook that is going to teach you how to setup a Google Adwords account. It doesn't teach you some "Secret" new method of earning money online either. Who Loves Money teaches you the "Why's" about Internet Marketing. How to go Niche Hunting (for free), how to drive traffic (for free), how to find industries that can pay you over $60 per minute. If you know about Pay-per-click advertising already it'll tell you EXACTLY why you're not making $1000 / day. NO other product has EVER attempted to teach people why customers buy, how to connect with the RIGHT crowd, and how to do it all for literally NO COST!


Skill Level Beginner - Intermediate
Main Focus Google Adwords
Support 9/10
Price $67
Overall Value 9/10

Learn More About Beating Adwords Here

You may be familiar with Google Adwords and already understand the potential, but there are many people making $1000’s every day by setting up advertising campaigns using Google Adwords. There are several ebooks out there showing you how to use Adwords to promote products and earn money online, but there is one that far surpasses any other product available. This product is Beating Adwords.

Beating Adwords is the essential foundation builder. It not only includes a step-by-step outline for newbie marketers, it covers the most elaborate techniques and strategies that marketers can use to essentially “beat Adwords”. Also included are website templates, free advertising techniques, and a wealth of information on many other related topics. If there was a book that was written to include everything that a marketer needs to know to make money online, Beating Adwords is the one.


Skill Level Beginner
Main Focus Internet Marketing Techniques
Support 7/10
Price $49.95
Overall Value 8/10

Learn More About Forex Enterprise Here

Forex Enterprise has been around for quite some time now, and this is due to the quality of the book. Forex Enterprise has been updated several times since it’s inception in 2004 and it now contains a lot of great information about “making money” and also includes a forum for people who purchase the product.

The focus of Forex Enterprise is that in order to make money, you need to create multiple streams of income. They provide many techniques within their product that give you some good ideas and suggestions as how you can do this.


Skill Level Beginner
Main Focus Various Internet Marketing Techniques
Support 7/10
Price $67.00
Overall Value 8/10

Learn More About Automated Millions

The Automated Millions system will teach you how to get started in earning money online as an Internet Marketer. The step by step approach provides you with guides, ebooks, cd's and other media to help you learn exactly what to do at every step of the way. The Automated Millions system includes a huge amount of information that will benefit any Internet Marketer in achieving success online.

If you purchase this system, there are also many bonuses included and you can even get a FREE 10 part e-course on building a Hyper Responsive list. Visit to learn more.


Skill Level Intermediate
Main Focus Various Internet Marketing Techniques
Support 7/10
Price $49.95
Overall Value 7/10

Learn More About The Rich Jerk Here

What can you say about The Rich Jerk, other than the fact that he is a real JERK. The “rich jerk” e-book was initially driven into the market with the hype surrounding the “Rich Jerk’s” sale of one of his affiliate sites on ebay for over $200,000. Was this site sold to a friend for a popularity stunt? Nobody really knows, but we do know that the Rich Jerk e-book is a decent product.

If you are a beginner, you should avoid this book as it caters to a more advanced audience. If you want to build a foundation for creating a successful business online, we suggest that you chose one of the higher ranked, more educational products or services (such as Wealthy Affiliate & Beating Adwords).


Skill Level Beginner
Main Focus Internet Marketing Techniques
Support 8/10
Price $49.90
Overall Value 7/10

Learn More About Internet Million Dollars

Internet Million Dollars is a new school book, with a mix of new school and old school ideas. This book contains fairly consistent information with the state of the Internet marketing industry today; however some of the information has definitely been rehashed from other resources. This does not mean the book is low quality, but the authenticity of the content within Internet Million Dollars has been questioned in the past.

The overall value of Internet Million Dollars is relatively good, however it does not elaborate on some of the main concepts that are key to success as an Internet marketer in this day and age such as Google Adwords, and instrumental information on how to turn a visitor into a buyer; both of which are contained in the higher ranked resources.


Skill Level Intermediate - Advanced
Main Focus Internet Marketing Techniques
Support 5/10
Price $97.00
Overall Value 6/10

Learn More About Affiliate Project X

Affiliate Project X…Is it the secret door to your success online? Well, not quite, but it does contribute something new to the online marketplace. Some crazy and some say unethical marketing techniques. It covers a few “secrets” within its 50 page book, but does not build a foundation for a newbie to Internet marketing.

You will get some good value from the book as there are some very risqué intermediate to advanced marketing techniques included in the book, but for $97 (and only 50 pages of info), you may want to hold off on this ebook until you have taken advantage of some of the great resources.


Skill Level Intermediate - Advanced
Main Focus Internet Marketing Techniques
Support 5/10
Price $97.00
Overall Value 5/10

Learn More About Day Job Killer

Day Job Killer was recently released and the Hype around the product was absolutely crazy. Everyone was picking up a copy of this new book with high hopes of it living up to all the hype. Unfortunately, like the previous product Affiliate Project X, the book fell far short of expectations and there are thousands of unhappy purchasers online who are ranting about this.

Day Job Killer won't teach you new techniques, and there are no "Life Changing" techniques that are not published elsewhere online in many other ebooks and websites.

Wealthy Affiliate Incentive Program Guide

2008: The Year of THE AFFILIATE!

Big things are happening at Wealthy Affiliate in 2008, and our Las Vegas Incentive program has never been easier to achieve or more attractive. Promoting Wealthy Affiliate has become so easy that it is now possible for anyone to achieve our requirements for our trip to Las Vegas that will take place in 2009…and is exclusive to only our top affiliates!

For those of you that participated in our incentive program last year (or just promoted us in general), we would like to thank you! We paid out $100,000’s in commissions and this is only going to increase in 2008!

This year we are offering another trip to Las Vegas which will have our biggest turn out of super affiliates EVER. We are making the trip easier and more exciting than ever this year and if you start promoting Wealthy Affiliate (or any of our products), you can expect the trip of a lifetime….on US.

The Bullet-Proof Incentive: Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2008

We are offering a performance based incentive program for anyone who wants to become a dedicated affiliate of any of our products/services. We are going to be offering:

  1. A trip to LAS VEGAS (including 3 nights hotel & Flight)
  2. A 2-day exclusive conference with Kyle & Carson (and the fellow members) to discuss Internet Marketing and go over your own business development
  3. A Hard Copy Version of All Our E-books (including any of our newest e-books)
  4. 3 Days Full of Fun, Learning, and us Treating You to the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

If you can accomplish any of the following by December 31st, 2008, you should pack your bags because you are coming with us to Las Vegas in 2009!

Action Your Commissions
Obtain 300 Wealthy Affiliate Referrals $25,200 (6 month membership)
Obtain 300 Who Loves Money Sales $12,600
Obtain 300 Beating Adwords Sales $9,150
Obtain 350 Inside The List Sales ($49.95 Price) $6,780
Obtain 350 Combined (WA, WLM, BA, ITL) $10,000+ (Varies)

This program was released with approximately 365 days left in 2008 to achieve these results. That is less than ONE Wealthy Affiliate Referral per day which is completely achievable.

Introducing the: I’m Coming Next Year Bonus…

Achieve 200 WA sales and receive an iPod Touch. Just because you don’t achieve the Las Vegas criteria, you are still a valued affiliate at WA, and we are going to reward you for it.

If you can achieve 200 WA Sales from now until December 31st, 2008, we will be sending you an iPod Touch.

This is twice as easy to achieve as the other Incentive program and we can guarantee we are going to be sending out a big shipment of iPod Touches next year!

**Note that if you achieve the 300 you will be given the trip instead of the Touch.

We Want You to Succeed

We will help out anyone that is interested in promoting any of our programs. We have been promoting them since the Wealthy Affiliate inception and we always have new ideas and ways to promote these sorts of products.

This year we are going to be continually adding to our Affiliate resources, with some exciting new upgrades the will give no member an excuse for not making it to Vegas this upcoming year.

You should also take advantage of the resources that we have created for you within the WA Promo Guide section. If you have not purchased “Inside the List” already, you may want to do so as these techniques will definitely help you achieve online success (especially within the make money industry) much quicker and if you start building a list within the Make Money/Internet Marketing industry now, you will definitely be able to leverage this to meet the incentive program criteria.

How to Get Started

Simply start sending traffic to our websites. We already have members that are making enough consistent sales that they will be coming to Las Vegas just by running their existing campaigns! Get your campaigns started today and we hope to see many of you in Las Vegas in 2009!!

Click Here For a Guide To Help You Get Started Now!

Notes: The value associated with this trip is a maximum of $1,200 USD (plus some exciting bonuses when you get there). We have done the research, and most flight/hotel packages from various places in the world will be approx this amount. If for any reason you live in an area where your flight and hotel cost more than $1,200, you will be required to pay the difference.

Best CPC In-Line Text ADS Like adbrite

In-line Text ads are CPC links that appear in the text of your content. The links are contextually targeted to keywords in the Ad Networks’ database of advertisers to show relevant adverts. Mouse over of these links will cause a small pop-up to appear showing basic details of the advert and a click from your visitor will take the visitor to the advertiser and reward you with revenue.

In-line Text Ads usually have good CTR as they appear to be in content links and have the additional benefit in that they do not take up any additional prime ad space. A common webmaster compliant for them is the in content links negatively affecting the visitors experience, especially when the contextual engine is not done well by the Ad network.

Here are the reviews listed alphabetically: -


Adbrite is a well established Ad marketplace that offers publishers with a number of ways to monetize their websites. These include CPCs, CPMs, In-Line Ads, Video Ads, Full Page Ads and also an option for advertisers to buy a link on a website for a period of time.

Their In-line text ads compliment their Text Link or banner Link Ad Zones, being an option that you can apply for via a check box in the Ad Zone preferences.

Ads Rating:Adbrite has a lot of advertisers but their contextual engine seems random and shows their network ads seemingly from random.
Views: Easy set-up if you are using Adbrite already or want to use Adbrite’s other options. Being In-line text, you are bound to get clicks and revenue especially with Adbrite’s large advertiser base, sometimes clicks at over USD1 are not unheard of.

Their contextual engine has room to improve to make their ads more relevant to the text which will improve visitor experience and also CTR.

Payment: check - monthly - min USD5

More Info


Clicksor is a contextual ad network with a popular following. Less strict on restrictions than Google allowing Mature content sites a contextual alternative, proxy sites are not allowed though.

Publishers meeting the requirement can apply to be a Premium Site partner and have access to more options and reporting.

Clicksor offers In-Line Text Ads along with its other ad types.

Ad Rating: We ran the In-line texts with a skyscraper banner. The loading seemed a bit slow but we did not further investigate whether this was due to the banner or the in-line text ad.
Views: We believe that the CTR of the in-line text ads shows how well the engine works and Clicksor ran in at quite a low ratio for in-line text ads. Whether this was due to the relatively short period of time we had the Ad code on our site or maybe they have not optimized their ads for our sites yet, we are not sure but CPC did not seem high neither.

Payment: Paypal, check - bi-monthly - min USD50

More Infor


Kontera is a well set up Ad Network that specializes on in-line Text Ads.

Ads Rating Their contextual engine, ContentLink is the best out of the networks we have reviewed here as their partnership with and Dealtime means that if they do not find a relevant keyword, they will use keywords and apply them in a partner ad ..

For example :

‘Sausages’ at DealTime
Millions of products, Get the best deals at DealTime!

This gives the impression to your visitors that the ads are relevant to the content and increases the CTR and experience.

Views: Kontera is one of our Favorite In-Line Text Ad Networks due to its ads and also steadier revenue. For our sites we average around 4% CTR and USD3 to USD3.5 eCPM.

Payment: Check - monthly - min USD100

More Info


The Chitika In-line Text ad is called Linx and works the same way as the other In-line text networks in our guide. Basically, you copy and paste their bit of code onto your webpage and the code will identify keywords that are relevant to Chitika’s Ads. It will link those words and mouseover of those links will have a pop-up window showing some details of the ad. If your visitor clicks through then you get some revenue.I’ll give it a bit more time to get out of BETA and give it a try so I can add it to the guide. For those that are too eager just sign up or log into your Chitika account.

In-line text ads works best if the contextual engine is good as there is nothing more annoying then wrongly targeted pop-up ads in the content of your site.

More Info

Social Shopping Sites increase your online marketing, more social shopping traffic more sale!

What is social shopping? It’s essentially a mashup that resembles social bookmarking, social networking and comparison shopping in a blender. A bunch of flavors of social shopping websites have popped up as of late, creating a great opportunity for online retailers to engage in some low-cost word-of-mouth marketing.

We’ve hunted down a number of different sites that you can submit your retail products to, and provided a brief summary of each site’s features. Since you never know where a sale is going to come from, it’s worth it to get into as many of these sites as you can and track which bring success and which are just a hassle.

Social Shopping Bookmarking Sites (or “Social Wishlists”)

These sites allow you to bookmark, tag, share and even blog products you like. Some allow you to join groups or even earn revenue from your picks.

Here’s a tip: if you’re going to submit your own products – tag with reckless abandon. Browse popular tags for ideas (as they will be surfed often) and also more targeted, specific terms, to maximize your likelihood of being found using search boxes.

Style feeder Join groups, create wishlists, email products to friends, add product lists to your blog or MySpace, and easily submit products here.

Kaboodle Add a bookmarklet to your browser and off you go. Search for products by category and user lists, add friends, join groups and comment on products and people. Kaboodle auto-creates product descriptions when you bookmark items.

Wists Wists (weblists - get it?) gives users a way to keep all their wishlists in one place, rather than in each individual e-store. The description copy and paste may seem tedious but gives you more control than Kaboodle’s autogenerated description. And if you want to encourage bookmarking, Wists’ got a chicklet. See Wists in action.

Style Hive In addition to the typical bookmark / add comments / join groups / add friends options, you can also “follow” your friends or random stranger style mavens a la Twitter. And they’ve included a social media 1.0 feature: a forum.

Whatsbuzzing Yet another bee-branded social shopping site … WhatsBuzzing is the Stumbleupon of social shopping. Users browse storefronts, rather than individual items to discover e-stores and get ideas before going comparison shopping. Tag storefronts, add to favorite list and add friends. You can’t submit your store, if you’re buzzworthy they’ll find you.

thisnext Bookmark products, email to friends, and subscribe to RSS feeds of other users’ picks. Doesn’t look like you can add friends — yet. There’s 2 ways you can add your product: enter the name, URL, or UPC code of the item or add a browser icon and bookmark a product from it’s product page. And you can “Shopcast” by adding a badge or feed of your list to your blog. Kudos to the designers, the
blog posts look really slick.

desiresin Lacks the social features like adding a community, but you can tag your items. Unfortunately it’s attracting a lot of irrelevant spam that appears at the top of all product listings (with no images) and the design is nothing compared to other sites, nevertheless a site to submit products to.

mypicklist Pick products from MyPickList’s merchant network, earn commissions from a number of stores and share a slideshow of your pick list with a widget supported by a number of blogs and social networks. Add friends and message users. If you’re listed in Amazon, or other participating merchants, you can get in on the action and recommend your own products.

Social by virtue of being a wiki, add a product, subscribe to RSS feeds, tap items as “love it,” “want it” and “have it.”

Social Deals and Coupons Sites

dealplumber Find deals on specific items, browse posted coupon codes and special offers from Dealplumber’s database, or post your product or affiliate product coupons. “Free Stuff” and “Free Shipping” categories, too. Pipe your products here.

Dealtagger Free listings for merchants, woot-woot! Add a button to your bookmarks toolbar or submit your deals here one by one. Join groups, tag, browse, and keep your peeps updated with Twitter tweets.

Submit deals, rate, surf, repeat. You can also earn revenue when people click on AdSense around your posted deals. (Sounds like an invitation for click fraud…) This site is really in its infancy, with not many deals, categories or members, but a one to watch.

dealcritic Social dealmarking with community voting — best deals rise to the top. Deals come from sites like Dealnews, BensBargains, Woot and from registered users.

dealsplus Just like Dealcritic, but with much better organization/categories, and options to subscribe to RSS feeds for hot deals, all deals and freebies. Plus runs giveaway contests. An added incentive to invite friends, if they win a prize, you win too.

clipfire Like a deal search engine. Users submit deals and then vote on them, but the site lacks tags and categorization. Users must browse the “popular” list or use the search box and hope for the best. Posting a deal is easy.

Social Comparison Engines

Now for some gray-area social shopping sites. The following are comparison engines which have either social shopping features, or a free way of submitting your own products to them, and thus being worthy of honorable mention here for etailers looking to cast a broad net over sites that we believe are going to take off. A visual search engine that lets you zoom in on a detail of a product and see similar items based on colour, shape, pattern, price etc. Categories include watches, shoes, handbags, jewellery, clothing. Etailers can add individual products, or email to submit a feed or link. Helps if you have an affiliate program, you may pay per click or per sale, supports both models.

Etsy This ain’t your Grandma’s online craft fair. Modern Etsy exlusively lists hand made products, with a whack of Web 2.0 goodies that makes Etsy so sticky — including the Geolocator and Shop by Color. Users can create their own lists in the Treasury. Merchants get a free account for free, and can list products for $0.20 per quantity, with a 3.5% of sales fee. Listings live for 4 months.

Crowdstorm Crowdstorm is like MySpace, Digg and in a blender. You can build your social network, “Recommend” products (Digg-style voting system) and search and browse products like any comparison shopping engine. It’s easy to submit products, but here’s the catch — users will be directed to Amazon or Ebay to make a purchase. So this works best if you’re an etailer already using these channels.

Hawkee Sound like a place to unload your Redwings Bobblehead collection? Think again. Hawkee is a social network for tech afficianados where you’ll find user-posted coupons and deals, product reviews and code snippets in addition to comparison shopping. Hawkee uses feeds direct from retailers, not from other shopping engines so drop them a line for more info on getting listed.

fivelimes Fivelimes is an eco-friendly shopping community where you can find sustainable products and services. Browse by categories (no tags), shop locally or browse reviews. Submit a product URL you know about, or join the Vendor Program which works on a cost-per-click basis.

Shopwiki Crawls the web picking up products from etailers on its own. Unfortunately some products are outdated. Really cool color search feature. Doesn’t accept merchant product feeds but you can add your e-store URL here. Or read more about getting listed.

The social sister of comparison engine, at Yub (Buy in reverse) you can shop for over 6 million products, receive cash-back discounts, and shop with your friends. Write reviews and earn commissions when users buy through you. The Meet People feature is tres MySpace. Another reason to get listed in the marketplace.

Like Yub, offers members discounts, splitting their affiliate commissions with the buyer 50/50. Advertisers are ranked my how much discount they offer buyers. Works on a “Cost per Sale” model so advertisers can keep a fixed return on ad spend. Send Jellyfish and email to join the merchant program. And did I mention Smack Shopping - Jellyfish’s Deal or No Deal-style online Dutch auction? (Just check out the link for a great video explanation &/or listen to Smack Talk about Transparent Shopping - Get Elastic #30 from eTail West)

usuggest Site looks great, but not the most intuitive site to figure out (what’s the “Download” for?). You can earn 25-50% affiliate commission on products “suggested” from the Usuggest merchant database. Tagline is “Shoppers Helping Shoppers” but may end up more like “affiliates selling to affiliates”…and we know affiliates will always buy from themselves. Needs a widget to post to blog to market outside of the community. Unfortunately no information on how to add your products to their network.


thefind_large.png Wishroll

PepperjamNetwork - Next generation affiliate marketing network like comission junction & payment by paypal

PepperjamNetwork is leading CPA network made by experienced webmasters for webmasters. As most of similar networks you will be reviewed before you will get accepted to this network. Once you are in you can search for offers. There are always new fresh merchant offers so you can always get fresh program and make money easy. It is easy to filter CPA offers by EPC or other criteria. Payments are made via Paypal, Check or Direct Deposit. Right now you get $10 as signup bonus!!!

I have been an affiliate for most the Major Networks and I have also looked after over 5000 affiliates as a Merchant. So I see what an Affiliate needs and what a Merchant needs to provide a good balance and working structure between the two.

I have pros and cons for most of these Networks mostly being in the customer service area, lack of emails on promotions is one. I also have limited patience for their usability and navigation. Networks like Comission Junction make it hard to do the most simple things.

So, onto this newly developed Affiliate Network - PepperJamNetwork -

In this review I want to concentrate on benefits so If you want to know more about the owners / co-founders etc, Read about them Here.

On first glance the overall look and design is nothing new, lets get this straight though. You as an Affiliate want to be the best, you want to create high traffic niche websites or huge converting Pay Per Click campaigns. All that send traffic to a Merchant that will convert and make you more money than you’re spend right?

As the Merchant You want to offer competitive commissions based on your service product and yield the best Return On Investment find the best Affiliate and reward them for sending traffic to them that converts.

Pepper Jam Network

That’s it really, in a nutshell - What all the Affiliate Networks I have been involved in lack, is being able to offer more tools and simple communication with the Merchant which enables you to build up a good relationship.

This is what may make the huge difference with the PepperJamNetwork you will be able to build a great relationship with the Merchant and or Affiliate and be offered the smartest tools to increase revenues and profits and all of this from one simple to use admin area.

You want things easy yet if your given better tools and communication you will more than likely work better and increase the chances of building a successful Affiliate Business promoting lots or maybe even one key Merchant.

I wonder what their main goal or USP is - PepperJamNetwork only need to keep it simple but effective at the same time.

Affiliates, this is what you should look for -

- Live daily communication as if you were an employee of the Merchant so that you can better understand their business model.

- Daily live reporting

- Frequent pay outs (for cashflow)

- High commissions while still enabling the merchant to profit

The reason why some Affiliates fail is because they need to understand who they are promoting and how best to promote them - I hope PepperJamNetwork can fill the gap where other Networks are failing…

I was lucky enough to be a Merchant for so many Affiliates which enabled me to gain knowledge from the otherside. I always used to say…if only they would contact me and I would be able give them so much more advice and tools to help them make more money.

That’s the Key with Affiliate Marketing “Communication”

In their own words, this is what they are going offer you -

- Pepperjam Network addresses two of the most significant shortcomings found on other existing affiliate networks: (1) poor, unreliable communication tools and (2) lack of affiliate transparency.

- With Pepperjam Network, affiliates and advertisers can communicate in real-time via Pepperjam Chat™, thereby providing a reliable communication system to build stronger, more profitable partnerships.

- Pepperjam Network provides advertisers with an unprecedented measure of affiliate transparency, which helps to establish trust, protect brand integrity, and lays the groundwork for open, long-term, profitable relationships.

- Pepperjam Network uses Web 2.0 technology to provide affiliates and advertisers with an easy-to-use, clean interface.

- Pepperjam Network offers industry leading SID-level tracking and reporting (great for sophisticated search marketing affiliates)

- Pepperjam Network introduces pepperjamADS™, which is a first-ever affiliate marketing widget that affiliates can use to serve customized contextual ads from multiple Pepperjam Network advertisers at the same time.

- Pepperjam Network contains a knowledge vault, which is exclusive to Pepperjam affiliates. The vault contains exclusive access to a list of tools and educational resources used by Super Affiliates.

- Pepperjam Network represents over eight years of research and development and the combined ideas, feedback, and intelligence of hundreds of affiliate marketers and advertisers.
- Pepperjam Network launched with over 100 merchants and growing quickly, including Blockbuster, Jelly Belly, AeroGrow, Oscar de la Renta, BabyPhat, Rocawear, Ben Sherman, FlyCell, SinglesNet, SEOmoz Premium, and many more.

- Pepperjam Network has its own affiliate program that pays out up to $7 per approved publisher application

- Check out the Pepperjam Network Blog for videos, commentary and updates on Pepperjam Network and the broader affiliate marketing community

Pepperjam Network is FREE to join and get a $10 sign up bonus !!!

It does look as though the PepperJamNetwork are offering that missing link that other networks have been ignorantly failing to acheive. Which is, making it easy to build a solid relationship between Affiliate and Merchant. I love the premise of this so far, time will only and always tell…

You will need to sign-up and see for youself and then start to dedicate a lot of time and dedication to make it work for you. The tools and experience are there if YOU want it.