Nov 20, 2009

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ReviewsPress are premium product review themes for wordpress. You can create your own unique individual rating options. So reviewsPRESS can be used for ANY niche, products or services. You name it, either a niche you are already involved in or targeting a new niche with a little help from reviewsPRESS, you can!

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ReviewPress Wordpress Themes Features:

  • Define categories of ratings you wish to collect.
  • Fraud prevention.
  • Globally enable/disable plugin per category.
  • Enable/disable given rating category per category.
  • Collect ratings along with every new comment.
  • Recalculating ratings on deleting comments.
  • Display ratings collected for each comment.
  • Display average rating from all collected ratings for a post review.
  • Display the number of positive or negative ratings for each post review.
  • Display weighted overall post score rating.
  • Comparison chart with site personal rating, price, key features.

Theme uno

Theme deux

Theme affilopro

Theme shadow

Theme niche

(Only included with niche theme & bundle option)

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