Jan 5, 2012

eFormula Review - All in One eCommerce Software for Dropship

What is eFormula?

eFormula is a really simple business. It is all about how to make websites that you make money with marketing physical products. Basically you are creating eCommerce stores very similar to the way that Tim and Steve taught in Niche Blueprint and Blueprint Project Black edition.

The big benefit here is you are acutally selling physical products online, but you are utilizing dropshippers. This means you don’t have to stock or ship any of the products you sell yourself.

How is eFormula Different from Niche Blueprint and BluePrint Project Edition?

The major differences between eFormula and the other eCommerce training courses released by Tim and Steve are:

  • a lot more software tools
  • 4 new research tools
  • New SEO tools
  • New store software
  • Heavy concentration on utilizing paid traffic (fastest way to make money with eCommerce)
  • and many more elements that will be announced on launch day

eFormula Review Update:

What Comes With eFormula?

Every course that Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton create is extremely in-depth and put together. The always break their courses into modules. This makes it literally a step by step process for you to go through. Here’s what’s in eFormula.

1. Introduction

Steve Clayton starts eFormula with an introduction to the course. This is a great overview of everything that you get with eFormula, what to expect as you go through the course as well as how to get the most out of eFormula.

2. Niche Research

Niche research is probably the most important step of building successful ecommerce stores. That is why Tim and Steve start with this model. If you get this wrong doing everything else is pretty much worthless. They will walk you through their exact filtering process and how to use the research tools like keyword blaze.

3. Finding Suppliers

A lot of people make the mistake of registering a domain, building their store and buliding a marketing plan before they even look for a supplier. This is a critical error and that is why module 3 is all about finding suppliers for your nice. Steve covers the best ways to hunt suppliers down and what to do when you communicate them so you can make sure they will want to work with you.

4. Getting a Domain

Having a domain that fits the eFormula system is very important. You don’t want to be battling choosing a wrong domain name, it’s like rolling a boulder up a very steep hill. In this module Tim & Steve share the secrets to buying the right type of domain name and whether or not you should invest in an aged domain.

5. Building Your Store

A lot of people think building an ecommerce store has to be difficult. This module blows that myth out of the water. In this module you’ll learn all the essentials to building your site. Everything from installing your eCommerce templates, to adding products to your store to setting up your merchant account. What’s awesome is Tim and Steve are giving you some really incredible looking templates to use for your ecommerce store.

6. Leveraging Paid Traffic

Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey are have decided that eFormula needs to focus more on how to use paid traffic to build your business. Why? Because using paid traffic like Google Adwords gets you instant results with eCommerce and guess what Google loves ecommerce sites. Understanding this module can really make you a ton of money.

7. Leveraging Free Traffic

Free traffic is obviously a part of eFormula and it is a big part of it. You are going to learn Tim and Steve’s strategy for getting top rankings in Google and the other search engines. Steve and Tim are also giving you access to some of their custom link building tools and if you get eformula through my link you get my eFormula bonus, which has some incredible SEO bonuses in it. Check it out.

8. Daily Store Operations

Learning how to manage your new eFormula store is very important. You want to make sure you set it up so it is as hands off as possible. This module will teach how to run your store on a daily basis and what systems to put in place to make it as hands off as possible.

9. Planning & Goal Setting

A lot of internet marketers miss out on success because they don’t plan properly. Building a plan and setting realistic goals is essential to building your business. This module is going to walk you through the eFormula creators planning and goal setting.

10. Selling Your Website

The websites that you build with eFormula are going to be very valuable assets. These will be businesses that you’ll be able to sell off very easily once they are making money. Now you don’t have to sell them, but if you want to you certainly will be able to. In fact if you have a good store making money contact me I’ll buy it from you as long as it meets my requirements.

11. Scaling The System

This module is all about what to do next. How to scale your business and how to really take your business to the next level. This is an essential module for those really looking to make big money with eformula.