Aug 28, 2008

Wealthy Affiliate Incentive Program Guide

2008: The Year of THE AFFILIATE!

Big things are happening at Wealthy Affiliate in 2008, and our Las Vegas Incentive program has never been easier to achieve or more attractive. Promoting Wealthy Affiliate has become so easy that it is now possible for anyone to achieve our requirements for our trip to Las Vegas that will take place in 2009…and is exclusive to only our top affiliates!

For those of you that participated in our incentive program last year (or just promoted us in general), we would like to thank you! We paid out $100,000’s in commissions and this is only going to increase in 2008!

This year we are offering another trip to Las Vegas which will have our biggest turn out of super affiliates EVER. We are making the trip easier and more exciting than ever this year and if you start promoting Wealthy Affiliate (or any of our products), you can expect the trip of a lifetime….on US.

The Bullet-Proof Incentive: Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2008

We are offering a performance based incentive program for anyone who wants to become a dedicated affiliate of any of our products/services. We are going to be offering:

  1. A trip to LAS VEGAS (including 3 nights hotel & Flight)
  2. A 2-day exclusive conference with Kyle & Carson (and the fellow members) to discuss Internet Marketing and go over your own business development
  3. A Hard Copy Version of All Our E-books (including any of our newest e-books)
  4. 3 Days Full of Fun, Learning, and us Treating You to the TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

If you can accomplish any of the following by December 31st, 2008, you should pack your bags because you are coming with us to Las Vegas in 2009!

Action Your Commissions
Obtain 300 Wealthy Affiliate Referrals $25,200 (6 month membership)
Obtain 300 Who Loves Money Sales $12,600
Obtain 300 Beating Adwords Sales $9,150
Obtain 350 Inside The List Sales ($49.95 Price) $6,780
Obtain 350 Combined (WA, WLM, BA, ITL) $10,000+ (Varies)

This program was released with approximately 365 days left in 2008 to achieve these results. That is less than ONE Wealthy Affiliate Referral per day which is completely achievable.

Introducing the: I’m Coming Next Year Bonus…

Achieve 200 WA sales and receive an iPod Touch. Just because you don’t achieve the Las Vegas criteria, you are still a valued affiliate at WA, and we are going to reward you for it.

If you can achieve 200 WA Sales from now until December 31st, 2008, we will be sending you an iPod Touch.

This is twice as easy to achieve as the other Incentive program and we can guarantee we are going to be sending out a big shipment of iPod Touches next year!

**Note that if you achieve the 300 you will be given the trip instead of the Touch.

We Want You to Succeed

We will help out anyone that is interested in promoting any of our programs. We have been promoting them since the Wealthy Affiliate inception and we always have new ideas and ways to promote these sorts of products.

This year we are going to be continually adding to our Affiliate resources, with some exciting new upgrades the will give no member an excuse for not making it to Vegas this upcoming year.

You should also take advantage of the resources that we have created for you within the WA Promo Guide section. If you have not purchased “Inside the List” already, you may want to do so as these techniques will definitely help you achieve online success (especially within the make money industry) much quicker and if you start building a list within the Make Money/Internet Marketing industry now, you will definitely be able to leverage this to meet the incentive program criteria.

How to Get Started

Simply start sending traffic to our websites. We already have members that are making enough consistent sales that they will be coming to Las Vegas just by running their existing campaigns! Get your campaigns started today and we hope to see many of you in Las Vegas in 2009!!

Click Here For a Guide To Help You Get Started Now!

Notes: The value associated with this trip is a maximum of $1,200 USD (plus some exciting bonuses when you get there). We have done the research, and most flight/hotel packages from various places in the world will be approx this amount. If for any reason you live in an area where your flight and hotel cost more than $1,200, you will be required to pay the difference.


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