Feb 16, 2009

T3Leads Affiliate Program for Financial Niche Review

Introduction to T3Leads

In this review, I am going to talk about T3Leads which utilizes pay-per-lead affiliate program. T3Leads affiliate network focuses on financial industry.

While most affiliate programs usually pay out a very small amount of money for every sale (or lead in this case), T3Leads can pay for as high as $45 for every lead generated! And their average payment for every lead generated is $18.

Benefits of being an affiliate of T3Leads

It is important to see what benefits you can gain from taking up their affiliate program. T3Leads offers you affiliate solutions which allows you to

  • manage your account easily,
  • 24/7 rapid dedicated customer support,
  • bi-weekly earning payments,
  • referral opportunity of earning 5% of the gross revenue generated by referred affiliates
  • forum to communicate with other affiliates

Benefits of being a merchant at T3Leads

Over here, T3Leads states in the merchant solutions that the merchants only pay after they get the leads or the sales that they are seeking.

  • highest quality SEO and PPC webmaster traffic in the industry
  • find customers that you didn’t know about
  • No start-up fees and long term exclusive contract
  • custom quality lead criteria with multiple lead delivery options

Smart move for T3Leads to focus on a niche

It is not easy to find a suitable industry who can pay for every lead being generated. Financial industry is definitely one of the good niches, and T3Leads made a smart move in securing this focus. Currently, T3leads works with

  • major banks,
  • lenders,
  • auto financing companies,
  • and home improvement companies.

The leads generated are of the following categories:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debt Settlement
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Pay Day Loans
  • Tax Debts
  • Forclosures
  • Auto Loans
  • Home Improvements

Hence, it is very suitable for finance websites to adopt this affiliate program for their additional income.

More Personalized Sales

I have seldom heard of any company who is willing to pay for every lead generated. But having such an option available, it may open up to more companies opting to pay for every lead instead of every click or every sale. Why is this so?

  1. Paying for every click (Pay-Per-Click campaigns) to drive traffic does not help to further qualify the visitors. And the blame can be put on the advertisers’ incapable websites to convert into sales and yet they still have to pay!
  2. Paying for every sale generated (Pay-Per-Action campaigns) is the most ideal situation. However, the affiliates may get really tired of helping to bring traffic to the advertisers and yet they are not making money.
  3. Lastly, paying for every lead generated seems to be ideal and more personalized. It makes sense to pay for every potential customer fills up his or her particulars.

It’s easier for visitors to provide information in return of probably some freebies, and thus making some money for the affilates.

The ability to close the deal is now depending on the actual salesperson instead of the website’s conversion rate. Return on investment could be higher because the visitors are better prospected as they study the advertisers’ products and services further. (though this can also be automated with auto-responder emails as well.)

Equipping the affiliates with tools

T3Leads is offering pretty good range of tools for the affiliates to use to promote their service. Thanks to these tools which provide better conversation rates. And by the way, T3leads has one of the highest conversion rates in the industry, ranging from 1:6 to 1:9.


In the economy crisis that we are today, we often hear employees being retrenched, companies cutting cost and the unfortunate companies have to close down. It makes sense that we may want to create websites in this financial niche where people are looking for various financial products to aid them through. Do you think so?

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