Dec 9, 2008

KeywordSpy - Online Keyword Research and Keywords Monitor Tools

What is Keyword Spy ?

Keyword Spy is a online keyword research and monitor tools, it is not a spyware or spy script! Why keyword spy is useful for internet marketer? As you know, search engine can taking amount of quality traffic to your sites, you can improve your conversion rate of affiliate sale with these targeted traffic. Before you doing some SEO with your site, you must doing keywords research first, because more keywords Relevance with your site, more quality traffic, and more sales! With Keyword Spy Tools, you can improve your ROI, save more time for keyword research & competitors researche, and improve your SEO performing efficiency. With Keyword Spy you can track which keywords are earning money of your competitors, and you can analyse their competition ADS with google, yahoo, msn and more major search engine even which country they are advertising.

Keyword Spy Features

1、Keyword Research and Affiliate Research

Get your competitors’ past keywords! The Time Machine feature lets you identify domain and keyword trends over time to make sure you'll be going head-to-head against capable competitors on any given pitch and time.

Keywords: Lists the terms and phrases that advertisers are using in their search engine listings.

Keyword Metrics : Exclusive analytics and values to determine keyword profitability.

Ad Variations: Shows the actual advertisement copies that a site uses in its PPC search engine listings.

Market Share: Quick preview of competing sites in a particular market or industry.

Market Coverage: Summary of competition level that emerges in a certain domain or keyword in certain regions and countries.

Performance Over Time: Refers to the PPC performance of a site or keyword in the past months

Also, if you have a website received more quality traffic from search engine now, but you still have not any affiliate products for promotion. In this case, you must be love keyword spy, because you can using Affiliate Research tool of KeywordSpy to search similar sites with your site, from results you can see which products they are promoting and which affiliate network are using. Now KeywordSpy Affiliate Research Tool support most major affiliate network like:
CJ, LINKSHARE, CLICKBANK, PAYDOTCOM, ClixGalore , ShareASale , MAXBounty , TradeDoubler , Amazon and more.


2、Keyword Tracking - The Package you need to track and bid!

Rather than trying to track our Competitor's keywords and ads
manually across the major search engines and countries, the
real-time reports of Keywordspy Tracking does it for you, daily,
even on weekends.

Key Features:

Web-based keyword storing and monitoring

Comprehensive reports through daily
system update and alerts

Deeper domain tracking through specified
keywords, search engines and countries

Extensive PPC and Organic data mining

Keyword Spy Reviews

Keyword Spy is a Comprehensive keyword research and monitor tool for internet marketer.
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Gives You A HUGE Advantage
  • Saves You Hours of Keyword Research
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Customer Support
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Just for me, i have been joined wealthyaffiliate and wordtracker, i using wealthyaffiliate for keyword monitor, wordtracker for keyword research, so i don't wan to make a keywordspy subscription, it will spend me about $90 per month, The wealthyaffiliate + wordtracker both will be paid $98 per month. So if you were not joined any of them, i suggest you just make a keywordspy subscription only, it will be suitable for all of your keywords research & keywords monitor needs, and you can save about $10/month.

    If you have not used any of these 3 tools for your internet marketing, i thing you must be lost Competitiveness with your Competitors, There is no doubt for that!

    Subscription WealthyAffiliate - $39.00/month + KeywordTracker $59/month

    Subscription Keyword Spy - $89.95/month


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