Feb 16, 2009

Hotels Combined Affiliate Program Reviews

HotelsCombined.com Description

HotelsCombined.com is a unique free tool that searches multiple hotel reservation websites simultaneously to help you find the lowest rate instantly. Hotels Combined eliminate the need to search accommodation websites one by one in order to compare hotel prices and availability. And their free price comparison service is an amazing time and money saver!

How about HotelsCombined.com's Affiliate Program?

Hotels Combined has a amazing affiliate program! if you are web desiners or developers, you can easily integrate their white lable & web service features to build your own web applications of comparison search for comparing all of major hotel reservation resource.

HotelsCombined.com is the best comparison search engine for hotel industry, and they has unique conversion rates.

Affiliates of HotelsCombined.com will be earn 70% of all revenue generated by your visitors, and there are 365 day repeat action cookie, that's great! it is not like amazon.com's association, just 1 day action cookie, that's meaning you might be lost many repeat purchasing.

About affiliate's payments are made on a monthly schedule. Payments are made between 25th and 30th of each month for all leads generated in the previous month. Minimum payouts for Check and Bank/Wire transfer is 500 USD and 100 USD for Paypal.

Features of HotelsCombined's Affiliate Program

White Lable Solution

With HotelCombined's white lable solution you can build your personal brands for hotel reservation comparison service. And complete your white label setup in 3 steps:

1. Join HotelsCombined's Affiliate Program
2. Point your domain to their IP address or using a CNAME record.
3. Customize colours and elements of design of HotelCombined.com's pages.

You can customize default site language for specific country location, you are no limited how many domians would be add a private brand.

You can find sample white lable sites on 10best.com and HotelsBot.com, ReserveTravel.net

API implementation for web service

API implementation allowing for complete customization, The API is a XML SOAP web service. For more information on SOAP visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SOAP, You must understand the SOAP protocol before using the API.

There are two main steps in the integration process:
  1. Download static data and store a local copy (see the ‘Data Feeds’ link in the affiliate partner area for details)
  2. Dynamically retrieve rates and availability in real time every time a customer visits your website
You can find the Search API Documentation here: http://www.hotelscombined.com/api/LiveRatesDocumentation.aspx

Example of affiliate partner utilizing API: TravBuddy.com, iXiGO.com


So, If you have a travel blog or website in hotel industry niche, the HotelsCombined's affiliate program will be most suitable for monetizing your sites. The comparison search will strongly improve your convertion rates.

As you know, shopping.com has a good convertion rates, The HotelsCombined.com is actually shopping.com in hotel reservation industry!


Dakota Smith said...

I agree that HotelsCombined has an amazing affiliate program. Does anyone know of a similar program for airline tickets, and or resorts/bed an breakfasts/vacation rentals/hostels?


Dakota Smith said...

By similar I mean integrated and cost per lead or click, not per sale.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

There can be different instances in life that you will need to conduct people search. For this the best way is online white pages.


Mike Wright said...
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Mike Wright said...
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Anonymous said...

They suspended my account and denied the payment of commission.

Never try it again.

Joing Booking.com and HRS.com direct affiliate programs instead.

You got more and they are reliable and trasparent.

brianferd said...

Check out http://www.hotelbookies.com
It's a great example of how to simply implement HotelsCombined affiliate program.

comparkgroup said...

Nice and informative post. I liked it.

Ashok Bhamla said...

if any one need same solution from Hotelscombined please mail me same

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