Mar 19, 2009

PPC Web Spy - Free PPC Keyword Spy Tools for Firefox

PPC Web Spy is a firefox extension for keyword research. With this amazing keyword spy tool, you can "Secretly Spy On & Uncover Anyones Google-Adword Keywords While You Browse Google In Real-Time!"

I am not a great fan of PPC keyword spy tools specially because most of them are so complex and time consuming that it just doesn't appeal to me. Everyone knows keyword research is so important for SEM or SEO campaigns, before i find PPCWebSpy i always using keyword research tools like Keyword Discovery or WordTracker.

When i begin to develop a new niche, there are 10 must-do things for keyword research:
  • pick valid initial keywords
  • use a variety of sources
  • search from the point of view of your potential customers
  • get the most possible amount of keyphrases
  • keep the keywords that will attract the target audience
  • pick the small-medium competitive keyword phrases
  • research your competitors, and get keywords of their ppc ad campaigns
  • spot the topics for your content (site pages, articles, blog posts, press releases, etc)
  • use keyword research data
  • write website content
All these things spend me about 2-4 weeks hard word! But now, PPCWebSpy save me much more time to doing these.

With the information PPC Web Spy provides, you'll be able to take a struggling internet business and almost instantly turn it into a profitable business!

To my surprise the basic level of PPCWebSpy is absolutely free. This means that you can go to PPC WebSpy Page now and get your copy absolutely free.

What can YOU do with PPC Web Spy?

Here's a brief rundown of the specific "features" within PPC Web Spy...

You'll be able to quickly and easily uncover any Google Adwords advertiser's keywords in only a few seconds! Then, simply take those keywords and advertise your own product or service and get ready for the money to come rolling in!

You'll be able to see critical Adwords data relating to each keyword. Data such as:

  • The actual Adwords ads your competitors have written for each keyword
  • The Cost Per Click, or amount your competitors are paying for each keywords they're bidding on
  • Your competitor's Adwords rank, so you'll be able to determine how much money you should be spending to get your site to a similar rank, to expect similar results.
  • The total daily amount your competition is spending via Google Adwords
  • And much more!
You can use PPC Web Spy to generate your own giant list of keywords based upon any of the individual keywords your competition is using!
You can also generate a giant, targeted keyword list by inputting your competitor's domain name, allowing you to build an even larger, more targeted keyword list!

You'll be able to immediately see which Adwords advertisers are people promoting,, or products!

Doing will allow you to find potential super affiliates. Once you've done that, you can use PPC Web Spy to "steal" their keywords, advertise the same product, and bank the money yourself!

You'll even be able to see the exact landing page (i.e. destination URL) that each Adwords advertiser is sending visitors to, WITHOUT actually clicking on their Adwords ad and charging them money.
What do all of these features mean for YOU?

It means that you'll be able to shave off hours, days, months, and even years of time doing keyword research and testing exactly which keywords convert visitors to buyers. It means you won't have to waste massive amounts of money as you slowly figure out your market's "best" keywords.

I can guarantee you that PPC Web Spy saves you both time & money... and because PPC Web Spy is not a bulky, standalone, desktop application, you'll be able to save money and time as you causally browse Google like you normally would. It's VERY cool, and powerful.



Lektor said...

Try SEMRush. The one of my favourite tool to analyze any site.
Just enter the url and it will provide you with a report which includes organic and adwords keywords
that you can find the site, positions, CPC by and more. And its all summurized in easy to understand charts.

James said...

This is about as thorough of an article concerning a spy tool as anyone could ask for. You seem like you really know your stuff.

Keep solid articles like thios one coming. Please!

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James said...
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Nancy Vogan said...

There are many pluses in the application for spying for the phone or PC. Check other people's sms easy with the stealth mode. I watch on my children, by tracking their whereabouts. All this can be done with one application, it allows you access to large bag of information.

Muhammad Rafey said...
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Faiza Jee said...

Cost-free payments happen to be limited by what precisely it is important to pay off to attach when using the Online world, the solution you may need to stress using your pc, together with an internet site when the advertising campaigns linked to the web marketing process are usually installed.