Mar 4, 2009

Writing the List Article - Article Writing for Affiliates Day 3

Day 3 - Writing the List Article

The list article is the easiest type of article to write. It is a list of related things.

For example:

Top 7 Article Writing Tips for Affiliates
Top 10 Tips for Getting More Business Now
Top 7 Ways to Start a Business

If you use the 8 Minute Article Writing software, each of the steps is clearly laid out for you. You have the ability to "jump around" in the software, add your tips, and then write your explanations.

Before writing your list article, write your title. You need to know how many tips you will need.

We will use the "Top 7 Article Writing Tips for Affiliates" to write an article.

Your first step is to create a list of tips. All of your tips must be related to your topic. In this case, we are writing an article about article writing as it relates specifically to writing articles for affiliates.

For example:

  1. Choose a product.
  2. Create a title.
  3. Write your list of tips.
  4. Write an explanation of each tip.
  5. Write the beginning, conclusion, and summary for your article.
  6. Create a resource box.
  7. Submit your article.

Now that we have a list of tips, we want to write one or two paragraphs to further explain each tip.


For example:

1. Choose a product.
As an affiliate marketer, you have a large amount of products to choose from to sell. To choose the right product to promote, you want to select a product that solves your potential customers' problems.

You also want to consider the amount of commission you will make, whether or not the product fits your topic, and how you will promote the product.


Next, go through each of the tips and write one to two paragraphs to explain each tip. Keep your words, sentences, and paragraphs short. Remember, your article only needs to be 400 - 700 words. Keeping your article short and answering your readers' questions will get them to click through to your site.

Don't forget to use your keyword phrase you have chosen throughout the article. Three to five times is enough. This will help you further optimize your article for the search engines.

In the next lesson, we will finish writing the article. Lesson five covers Beginnings, Conclusions, and Summaries.

Get the most from your articles. Read the Best Practices Guide to Article Marketing. This guide will help you get the most from your article submission because you'll write articles the article directories want and readers will love.

Ready for the next lesson?

Go to Day 4 - "Summaries, Beginnings and Conclusions"


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