Oct 23, 2008

Common Keyword Technique

Introduction to the Common Keyword Technique

Throughout Wealthy Affiliate forums and resources you will see references to the Common Keyword Technique. This tutorial explains this technique in detail. We highly suggest that you implement this technique when creating all of your paid search marketing ad groups, whether you are using Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or otherwise. The Common Keyword Technique will increase the Quality rating of all your campaigns and will lead to much better conversions if followed correctly.

Google Adwords is the world's most advanced Advertising Network and sets itself above any other due to the fact that it provides a level playing field for advertisers who are both highly advanced, and those that are very new with little experience. Google prides itself on providing quality search results when searches are done in the search engine (www.google.com). To offer high quality results, they have created an advertising network that rewards highly relevant ads with quality score points. Each Adwords campaign and ad group has Quality Score attached to it, and the higher your Quality Score, the better performance you will see. As your Quality Score increases, the price you pay per click on your keywords drop, the minimum bid price lowers, your ad placement positions increase, you get more traffic, and your ads are displayed more often.

Yahoo Search Marketing also has a Quality ranking algorithm that is very similar to Google, and if you follow the Common Keyword Technique you will receive the benefits that come with having a high quality campaign.

Using the Common Keyword Technique is the first part that ALL members NEED to implement. Using the technique will give you a higher Quality Score, which will increase your CTR (Click through Rate) and lower your overall advertising costs.

The common keyword technique is a method of grouping keywords together when creating ad groups. If you are unsure of what an ad group is, it is simply a way to organize your keywords, and ads

Using The Common Keyword Technique

A campaign is essentially two levels. The first level is the campaign level in which you manage all of your settings on a campaign. Within a campaign are ad groups. A typical campaign will have may different ad groups within it. When you create an ad group, you need to group the keywords together that are similar, with at least 2 common keywords. This grouping is earmarked the "Common Keyword Technique" because you are grouping your keywords based off a common 2+ word keywords. Here is an example:

Campaign Name: WealthyAffiliate.com
Ad Group Name: Make Money Home


make money at home
[make money at home]
"make money at home"
make money home business
[make money home business]
"make money home business"
make money from home
[make money from home]
"make money from home"
way to make money from home
[way to make money from home]
"way to make money from home"
how to make money at home
[how to make money at home]
"how to make money at home"

Your Ad could look like this:

Make Money From Home
Want To Make Extra Money
From Home? Find Out How.

As you can see, all keywords within the ad group have 3 common words "Make Money Home ". Also, you can see that the Ad has the common keywords in the title, and body of the ad. The keywords will be highlighted within the ad, thus improving your click-through rate even further. This will mean that when a search is done for "how to make money at home", the ad will like as it does above. Also, please note that the actual name of the ad group is based on the 3 common keywords as well. This will help you keep your ad groups organized.

A rule of thumb that you can follow when putting together your ad groups is this; if you cannot include all the keywords within your ad group (or at least the common keywords) within your ad title and description, it is not grouped tight enough. If this is the case, you should break up your ad group into smaller, more relevant ad groups.

If you are interested in learning more about this technique, you can visit the forum and do a search for the "Common Keyword Technique ". There are multiple discussions that will help you understand the reasoning behind the technique. The bottom line is that using this technique will increase your CTR (which is the Major Contributing factor that drives Quality Score), and increase relevancy

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