Oct 23, 2008

Penny Pincher Marketing Techniques


Remember the old saying, “It takes money to make money?” Well this is true in many circumstances, but not necessarily true on the Internet. If you are going to buy real estate, you will need some money to make money. If you are selling things on the Internet, you do not need money to make money! This is one of the main reasons the Internet has opened up opportunites for so many people. It has levelled the playing field, so to speak, and we are going to show you how you can utilize some “free” techniques to earn money online.

Not everyone coming into Internet marketing understands how to market products online, how to use search engines effectively, and how to ultimately earn money! We are completely aware of this and so have created a resource that anyone can use to earn their first dollar or even their first $1000s online.

The techniques that you are about to learn do not require any outlay of money, but they will cost you some of your time. Time is money right? Well, this is very true when it comes to Internet marketing. When you take advantage of any of the techniques within this tutorial, you will not only be using your time wisely, you will also be learning the concepts of Internet marketing without risking any of your cash

Article Marketing

Ever heard of Article Marketing, or perhaps “Bum Marketing”? Well, if you haven’t, it is going to be something you hear about a lot at Wealthy Affiliate. There are many Wealthy Affiliate members creating full-time income streams by writing free articles and posting them on the Internet. Here are a few success topics from the WA Forums:

“First $1000 month – No Adspend:
Click Here to View

“First Bum Marketing Sale!”:
Click Here to View

The great thing about article marketing is the fact that it is free. If you can write or are interested in writing, you can make a ton of money online using article marketing techniques. Best of all it won't cost you anything but some of your free time.

We have dedicated a full resource to article marketing below, and we suggest you read this before continuing with the Penny Pincher Guide. The article marketing tutorial will fill in many of the blanks for you. It will outline what article marketing is, and give you details of how to write articles and make money in the process.

Article Marketing Tutorial

Alright, now that you have read all about article marketing, we are going to expand on the techniques and give you some great examples as to how you can actually monetize an article to make you money .

The first thing you need to do is to understand the difference between a “low competition” search phrase and a “high competition” one. As you know, there are billions of pages within Google (and Yahoo/MSN for that matter).

To be as efficient as possible, we recommend that you focus on search terms that have fewer than 5,000 results in the search engines. To determine this, you should type the phrase match keyword into Google (this is so that only pages with your entire search phrase are returned).

Here is an example:

“money” yields 605,000,000 search results
“make money” yields 48,400,000 search results
“make money online” yields 1,400,000 search results
“make money selling online” yields 834 search results


As you can see, the more relevant and longer the search term becomes, the less competition and the easier it will be to get your article listed in the search engines. You can now write an article focusing on the keyword phrase “make money selling online” and submit it to one of the top article engines (mentioned in the Article Marketing Tutorial). Since there is little competition, the chances of you getting a good positioning (probably on the first page) within the search results is very good.

Whether you direct link, or link to your website within the article, you will ultimately achieve traffic and sales!

The key to becoming a successful article marketer is to write on a regular basis. Do not write ONE article and think that you have done your job! Spend time researching industries and try to write at least a couple of articles per week (1-2 day is ideal). In no time, you will have many pages showing up within the search results, and an abundance of free traffic. Article marketing is a great way to build up your Internet marketing skills and earn money in the process.

Writing Articles & Other Paid Techniques

This technique is very similar to writing articles, except instead of doing the marketing yourself, you are selling your services to the “Article Marketers”. There are 1000s of people on the Internet looking to outsource the writing of their articles, and these people are willing to pay anywhere from $5-$15+ per article.

If you have a knack for writing or would be interested in writing 300-500 word articles for people in exchange for money, there are several different places you can go to look for work. Right here at WealthyAffiliate.com we have a system called "WA Jobs" where fellow members post article writing jobs that will pay you to write articles. To check out the current WA Job listings, please use the following link:

WA Jobs

There are also many more places online that you can go to look for writing jobs. As well as paying for articles, some companies will now pay you to create videos and post to blogs.

Here are a couple of the top places you can look for work:


This is a great way to earn revenue to support your Internet marketing efforts. If you write just two articles per day, you could easily earn an extra $450/mth. This is definitely enough revenue to start marketing using “paid” techniques, and you could also be doing free things on the side to bring in additional income

Programming / Web Development / Design Jobs

Attention developers! There are tremendous opportunities for people with "web development" skills. Many people are looking for your knowledge and expertise…and are willing to pay good money for it!

If you are skilled in web development or programming applications/tools, there is a huge opportunity for you to earn a full-time income online. Not only will you be able to put this to good use as an Internet marketer, you can also find work at many places online, including here at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are people online who do not have the time or technical skills to create their own web pages. Below we've listed a few sites where you can easily obtain programming/web development work online.:

WA Jobs

Attention graphic designers, take a look at this:


Some of these jobs range in the $1000s, and you can easily earn a full-time income if you have the skill-set. This money can then be used to fund your marketing campaigns, and if you don’t already know, $1000 can take you a long way within the Pay-Per-Click world!

WA Jobs

Need a job? We have created a section within Wealthy Affiliate where members can post any work they need done (but don’t have the time or knowledge to do themselves), and fellow members can bid on these jobs. This has been a huge success and many people are getting fantastic work done by fellow WA members. At the same time, the member who works on the job is earning some quick cash.

If you have some experience with web development, writing/editing, search engine optimization, research, creating web pages, programming, posting on forums, or graphic design, chances are there will be a job for you. We suggest that you check out WA jobs right now and see if there are any postings that you could help someone out with.

WA Jobs

We suggest checking back often as new jobs are added regularly

Got Friends?

In the online world, people thrive when working together as a team. You can easily earn $14/mth recurring for everyone you refer to the Wealthy Affiliate community. Have a couple of friends or family members who may be interested in learning about earning money right here at WealthyAffiliate.com? If so, you could easily earn some great residual income! You will not only be able to earn money, but you will be able to work together to create your successful businesses online.

For more details on our Affiliate Program and to grab your links, please visit our Affiliate Program Resources.

WA Affiliate Program

You can also do this for other products you come across. Often your friends will not have the first idea about affiliate programs, or understand that people are actually earning money each time a product is bought online. Help them find presents for other people, recommend a product you are using, or tell them about the cheapest place to get the TV they are looking for. If you send them an affiliate link, this can be a very quick way to earn some extra cash.

Yahoo Guide

Want to try paid advertising without having to invest your hard earning money first? We have created a guide that will show you how to get a $85 advertising credit for only $30 using Yahoo Search Marketing (the 2nd largest search engine).

This money can then be used to fund your first campaigns as an affiliate marketer and the risk is very small. Believe it or not, you could start a business online with $55 in advertising! As we think back, we grew our business from a PPC budget of $5/day!

Forum Cash

Forum marketing presents a great opportunity for everyone to make money online and it is definitely a good way to earn some money when starting out. Forum marketing is very commonplace, and there are many Internet marketers leveraging the potential of forums to earn $1000s online.

There are 1000s of forums out there ranging from topics such as dieting to electronics to model airplanes and making money. There is a forum for just about anything you can imagine, and this presents a fantastic opportunity for marketers.

The great thing about forums is that people are looking for answers to questions or solutions to their problems. You can take advantage of this by offering something that will help people solve these problems. All you need to do is promote relevant products through your signature in forums. To give yourself credibility you should be a regular contributor to the forums and provide valuable content.

Here is a list of forums that you could easily promote Wealthy Affiliate within:


You want to make sure that when you promote in a forum that it is not obvious or it will be deemed to be spam. Again, you should make sure that you offer value with high quality posts that are relevant to the discussion. As with any other marketing attempt, relevancy is your key. You would have a very difficult time trying to promote something like a dieting product in an Internet marketing forum, so keep your content and your product offerings highly relevant to the forum.

We have two tutorials on Forum marketing that you can learn from below.

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate in Forums


Promoting Who Loves Money in Forums

Remember, you can promote any product within a forum if it is relevant to the topics being discussed.

Finding Forums

You can easily find an abundance of forums within almost any industry by performing a quick search in Google. For example, if you were looking to find a forum on “weddings”, you could type the following into Google: Wedding + forum.

Below is a screenshot of just some of the search results you get.

Forum marketing is a great way to build up some cash without the expenditure of your own money. You can easily make a full time income by forum marketing if you have knowledge within a specific area or are willing to research an industry!

Yahoo! Answers

Some of the bigger networks such as Yahoo are adding "question and answer" components to their networks. These sites provide a great opportunity for us as Internet marketers because we can not only help people out with their questions, we can also monetize (make money from) our participation by recommending a product in our response.

Here is how it works:

  1. Someone creates a profile at Yahoo Answers and posts a question. This question could range from earning extra money, to the best way to lose weight before going on vacation.

  2. It is time for you to go to work now, but first you must have a profile in order to do this, and you can set these up using the following link:

    Yahoo Answers

  3. Offer a quality response to the question. You can do this by researching the topic. If someone is looking to earn extra money online, you could recommend them to Wealthy Affiliate and give them the reasons why it will help. You could even offer to help them within Wealthy Affiliate by giving them your forum name. You can do the same with someone looking to lose weight by sending them to a site like ediets.com (through your affiliate link) and give the reason why.

You will want to make sure that you offer value within your “answer”. If you think that you can just spam and make money by doing it, you are going to get booted off these networks very quickly. In some cases, you may be required to do a redirect to your affiliate link. If this is the case, we suggest you do this with our free link cloaking and analytics tool, My-Linker.

My-Linker Login

The "Side Job" Technique

If you look around the Internet it is very apparent that many (if not most) companies out there are lacking something on their website or are not up to par with the advertising techniques. It's very likely they are aware of their shortcomings and would be more than happy to get help if someone offered their services.

Many businesses do not know how to get their company website to show up within the natural search engines. You could offer your services in exchange for some cash. There are also a lot of companies that do not know how to create relevant advertising campaigns, or the importance of having multiple landing pages. There are a TON of companies that have loads of spelling mistakes on their sites! Etc..etc..

You can offer to help these companies with their graphics, site navigation, proof-read/editing, marketing etc. Many people will jump at this offer because they have been “meaning to” get it done, but haven’t had the time or resources (but often have the money). This is also a great way to create a business relationship and could easily result in long-term income.

If you’re browsing a website and find a spelling mistake or grammatical error, send the owner a quick email saying that you’ll proof-read their sales page for $25. Now that’s easy cash!

We have had people contact us in the past to do jobs such as these and have been willing to pay them. Don’t think that just because you do not own a big consulting company or a web design firm companies will not take you on board. It is quite the opposite actually, especially if the price is right. They are often used to being “taken to the cleaners” and overcharged for such services.

Selling T-Shirts (and other items)

Selling shirts… that is right. There are many people out there making a full-time living online simply creating t-shirt designs. There are now sites available to the public such as Cafépress and Zazzle that allow you to open up your own t-shirt store and create your own unique t-shirts.

What you can do is pick a hot topic such as a political campaign, a hot news event, or a world event that is taking place and create funny, motivating, rude, or just cool shirts with a message that is highly relevant to the subject matter. You can then promote your t-shirt and other items via forums, a blog, your web page, or the marketplace within Cafepress or Zazzle and earn money on each item you sell. People will be very inclined to buy these for gifts, pranks, or timeless items.

Here are some sites that you should use to get started:


You do not need a huge budget in order to make money online, and quite often you are better off learning marketing using free techniques before you move into PPC marketing. Use the strategies within this tutorial to start earning money online today!

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